2015 Schedule

  • Season Opener vs. Carolina Phoenix

    Home- April 11, 2015

    Germantown Academy

    340 Morris Road

    Fort Washington, PA 19034


  • Away vs. Pittsburgh Passion

    April 18th

  • Home vs. Baltimore Nighthawks

    April 25th

    Germantown Academy

    340 Morris Road

    Fort Washington, PA 19034


  • Home vs. Maine Rebels

    May 2nd

    Germantown Academy

    340 Morris Road

    Fort Washington, PA 19034


  • Away vs. Washington Prodigy

    May 9th

  • BYE

    May 16th

  • BYE

    May 23rd

  • Home vs. Detroit Pride

    May 30th

    Germantown Academy

    340 Morris Road

    Fort Washington, PA 19034


  • Away vs. Connecticut Wreckers

    June 6th

  • Away vs. New York Sharks

    June 13th

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  • Go get em Cody!

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Embracing the Community Spirit: What the Philadelphia Firebirds are All About

Football and community is something which goes hand in hand in America. There is no question that all the great tailgating parties, living room gatherings and trips to the local stadium or football field are a quintessential part of American life. It’s as ingrained in our cultural psyche as our National Parks, our love for barbeque, and passion for Hollywood films – as well as celebrating our traditions and roots in the community itself. We watch our children grow and play, and covet high school and college football leagues with a fervor which transcends even the NFL – something which we couldn’t say for any other sporting league. And when it comes to watching the game, it means as much to us to be around people we know and love as well as cheer on the heroes of the field. That’s what community is all about.

Helping the Community

The Philadelphia Firebirds are no exception. This team has become part of the very heart and soul of Philly’s greater sporting legacy as well as an important part of the community. With the aspiring talents of its developing team under Head Coach Robert Cooper, General Manager Farah Daily and Team Owner Tawana Grayson, the Firebirds are not only carving out their own place within women’s sport and the Independent Women's Football League (IWFL) but forming an integral identity within their town. And if one thing is certain, it is that the warrior women who take to the field are equally invested in taking time out to support worthy events in the community.

For more than a decade, the Firebirds have been a part of some of the most important charity events and other community functions in and around the Philadelphia area, including:

  • 1st Annual Global Abilities Rec Fest, supporting people with disabilities as well as encouraging people to get in shape;
  • Guest speakers at Pop Warner Little Scholars, inspiring youngsters to strive for their dreams while playing football and excelling in school;
  • Showing support for the Rizzo Pal Positive Image Program, encouraging girls to ditch stereotypes about women in football;
  • Christmas parties which encourage participants to denote new toys for vulnerable children during the holiday season.

For the Philadelphia Firebirds, raising money isn’t the only focus of these events, but sending out an important message to youth which is needed more than ever before. Inspiring and motivating people to get out and exercise as well as help those who may be less privileged are all actions which positively build a community on both a local and global scale. These incredible women are changing the way not only how people think about women in sport, but about how communities can grow and flourish by reaching out.

Spreading Awareness

This is one great way to give back to the people who support football as well, and this is the kind of relationship with is essential in professional, semi-pro and amateur sport. Community involvement, like corporate involvement with outreach, is also a great way to draw awareness to issues which exist within the community. Whether it is helping out vulnerable families, improving education for underprivileged children, offering support for people who are struggling to tackle substance abuse, being there for individuals and families dealing with serious illnesses, the more people who can branch together and provide a network of solidarity, the better. Opening up discussion, breaking taboos and offering a way forward is the best way to ensure that our communities are happy and healthy as a whole.

It isn’t just the energy which builds on the field which unites people. It’s not just the adrenaline rush which comes with each victory, or the collective consolation and heartbreak which comes with each big loss which brings everyone together. It’s the off-field stuff that really matters too. The Firebirds are what community is all about, and not just because of their incredible athletic prowess, individual talent and ability to work extremely effectively as a team. It’s because of their commitment to being involved in the community – being the role models which young boys and especially young girls can aspire to be and change the landscape of pro sports for women forever, particularly in the IWFL. And it’s also because they can get behind fundraisers and encourage us to think about others and give. So let’s raise a toast to this wonderful team which never forgets its roots, and extends the sense of “team spirit” to the whole city.

Written by site reader, Jen Daniels







Scrimmage March 21, 2015

On an overcast Saturday in Philadelphia, 4 teams converged on one snow-covered turf for a football scrimmage.  What was supposed to be the second day of spring, felt more like winter, with its frigid temperature and 4 inches of snow blanketing the field. Still, neither cold nor snow could distract these ladies.  The Pittsburgh Passion, Washington Prodigy, Boston Renegades, and Philadelphia Firebirds were ready to work.  For many of these ladies, it would be their first time engaging in contact against an opponent.  For vets, it would be a chance to get back out on the field.  For all, it was a chance to play the sport in which they love, and what better way to do it than on a field covered in snow.  


The rest of the afternoon, all fans could hear were coaches’ whistles, thuds from great hits, cleats sloshing through the snow, and the roar of praise from teams when they successfully executed a play they had practiced hundreds of times.

The camaraderie fostered on this day was evident in the owner, coaching staff, and player interactions. It is through opportunities like this, that relationships are built and/or strengthened.  These relationships form networks of support to help ensure that women’s football is here to stay.  Thank you to the Boston Renegades, Pittsburgh Passion and Washington Prodigy for joining us on our snow-covered field.


The Philadelphia Firebirds are looking for all stars off the field. We are looking for individuals to be part of the chain crew, game day stats, videographers, game day announcer, and game day manager to help with game day operations. If this sounds like you, please contact 484.682.4238 or email us at phillyfirebirds@gmail.com.


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Philadelphia Firebirds in the community
The Philadelphia Firebirds welcome the opportunity to attend various community events throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

When inviting us to attend your event we can provide:

  •  Mini-camps for children with an experienced coaching staff;
  •  Facilitate football related fitness classes;
  •  Speak at your event on a wide range of topics;
  •  Provide positive mentoring to children of all ages.

For more information or to find out how you can get the Firebirds at your event, click here to send us an email

Our Very Own Khalifah Bennett #90 Congrats!


The Philadelphia Firebirds took part in Xfinity Lives' Family Fun Day on August 19, 2012 in Philadelphia.  Family Fun Day was a public event that included activities such s face painting, moon bounce, sand art, live bands as well as an outdoor movie showing.  The Firebirds took full advantage of this public outreach to introduce the team to potentially new players and new fans, as we prepare for our 2013 season.